UPDATE: Early Report on the Outreach in Saint-Jérôme, Québec

Finding the Hope — February 21, 2019

The eagerness to reach homes with the Gospel by Assemblée Chrétienne du Nord was instantly noticeable. Pastor Isaac and his team identified an area of approximately 7,500 homes where they would send the Christmas version of the Finding the Hope evangelistic packet.

They covered those neighbourhoods with prayer repeatedly and went door to door in cold weather to distribute door hangers.  They also sent invitations for the two special events leading up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Before the events actually took place, one man came to the church, literature in hand saying, “this says I can find hope here; I need that.” Others with no church connections called to make sure they could come to the events. Overall in this first phase of outreach, more than 120 non-attenders came and heard a gospel presentation. Some have come to services more than once. So many people showed up at events that the regular members moved to the basement to make room for the visitors.

Many commented on the warm and welcoming atmosphere of this church. I also experienced their warmth as I visited the pastor and some of his team in January. Their desire to reach the lost in their community is obvious.

An additional 20,000 homes will be reached leading up to Easter. Pastor Isaac stated, “Every Home for Christ is a major encouragement to us because you help us decisively to do what we should do in our community.” There is more unfolding in Saint-Jérôme and we will share a more comprehensive report following the next phase. 

Let’s pray that God will protect this congregation and prepare hearts to receive the message of salvation in Christ alone, to the glory of the Lord.

For an update on this outreach and the amazing way that God responded in Saint-Jérôme click here to read page 3 and 4 of July Harvest Partner.

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