For our church in Gatineau, the Finding the Hope campaign was a very good experience. We were able to have thousands of booklets distributed in our area. They are very well done and the cost including delivery in the homes is very attractive. It is a great way to get into people’s houses. The principle of going back to the doors with the door hangers was good and exciting.

Pastor Gerald Emery, Gatineau, QC

A lady who had been attending our church for a few months came forward to receive Christ as her Saviour. When I went to do the follow-up, she showed me the Finding the Hope booklet and said that is why she started to attend our church. Praise the Lord that people are still being influenced by last year's campaign!

Pastor, Elliot Lake, ON

Your Finding the Hope outreach

Our strategies are multi-channel and highly flexible, and our resources will allow you to reach the widest audience at the lowest possible cost. Whether you represent a church, a mission organization, a shelter or drop-in centre, or anything else, we will help you plan and implement Finding the Hope in a way that works for you.  A typical outreach could include:

  • Vision casting for your local context
  • Prayer mobilization
  • Evangelistic resources
  • A targeted postal mail-out campaign
  • Discipleship materials
  • Budget planning
  • Evangelism training
  • Community & congregational awareness tools
  • An iPhone & Android app
  • and more!

I really can’t begin to express all the blessings that I have personally received by participating in Finding the Hope. In many ways, it’s been life-changing for me as God has expanded and burdened my heart like never before for the lost. To intentionally and practically engage our city with the gospel has been historic. To work side-by-side with other godly, gospel-centred pastors for various evangelical works in our city has been refreshing and unifying. To watch our church family take hold of this campaign both prayerfully and personally has been most encouraging and exciting. God has called his church to be faithful in sharing the gospel and Finding the Hope has given us a God-ordained way to faithfully do this on a much wider scale than I ever imagined before. I can hardly wait to see all that God will do for His glory in the coming days, months and years as He calls His own to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ken Ingram, Faithway Baptist Church, Woodstock, ON