Christ has commissioned us, His people, to take the Gospel to everyone, everywhere – including our own communities.

The truth of Jesus Christ must be communicated in a way that is clear but not offensive and creative but not deceptive. People need to learn the right information about who Jesus Christ is and what He did to give us eternal life. This is fundamental to evangelism.

The Holy Spirit often uses many things in life to help people recognize that they need God and that Christ has made it possible for them to have a personal relationship with Him. A printed message can be so helpful.

Presenting the Gospel to people is just one step of an on-going process. Cultivating contacts and relationships is another important part. Providing follow up is necessary to help new believers grow and mature as disciples of Christ.

Prayer is essential because of the profoundly spiritual dimension of evangelism. Frequently remembering lost people in prayer helps to prepare the soil of their hearts to receive the seed of the Gospel. Prayer for God’s people, as they share the Gospel, is also essential.

God works deeply and powerfully in human hearts as His people pray, and an outreach should be accompanied by a sustained commitment to prayer.